Introductory Ad for New Election Watchdog Group Goes Viral, Generates Three Million Views on X in Under 48 Hours

Fair Election Fund Pledges to Compensate Whistleblowers to Expose Systemic Fraud and Abuse in Elections System with $5 Million Investment

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Fair Election Fund’s introductory ad went viral over the weekend, generating three million views on X in less than 48 hours.

The new nonprofit, which was announced on Saturday, will make a major investment to expose and stop corruption in our elections in order to restore trust in our democratic process. The Fair Election Fund is pledging to spend over $5 million to shine a light on fraud and abuse still occuring in our election system.

The ad the group launched over the weekend is currently running across the country on various digital platforms and is backed by a high-five figure buy. The spot details how there are still far too many issues with our current election system and how saving the country requires exposing and putting a stop to them. The group hopes that their efforts in the coming months will deter fraud from public sector unions and others in November’s elections.

Some of the top X posts on the ad from the last few days include:

@JackPosobiec: Elon just RT’d this 👀

@JackPosobiec: BOOM – $5 Million Whistleblower fund for election workers who report fraud

@ChayaRaichick: AMAZING Please pass this on and help spread the word!

@KariLake: Work in Maricopa County elections or in Arizona elections? Have you seen fraud? Report it and be eligible for a reward.

It’s time to secure elections for all Americans

@LeadingReport: BREAKING: Elon Musk is now seemingly concerned with the issue of potential election fraud and has retweeted a video from the Fair Election Fund that urges whistleblowers to come forward to report irregularities ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

The bulk of the group’s budget will be devoted to paying whistleblowers like election workers, organizers, and concerned citizens who have witnessed this corruption firsthand for sharing their stories. All claims will be vetted by Fair Election Fund’s team of experienced election law attorneys. The group will highlight these cases through paid and earned media campaigns, the first of which has already begun.

Whistleblowers willing to speak out can share their stories and expose knowledge of abuses in the election system at: